Modernizace interiérů kolejových vozidel

Modernization of social facilities

PVC cladding, sink cabinets, ceilings, floors, mirrors, installation of complete equipment

Revitalization of interiors

cover repairs and sealing, painting, polishing, scratch repairs, surface cleaning and retouching

Renovation of window frames

disassembly and assembly of windows, blasting of aluminum frames, powder coating, renovation of functional elements

Door renovation

disassembly and assembly of entrance doors, blasting of aluminum frames, powder coating, renovation of functional elements

Surface treatment, painting

Powder coating, komaxit, wet coating, retouching and detailing of surfaces

Metalwork, locksmith work

milling, grinding, turning, material splitting, bending, drilling holes, welding and forming

3D printing

3D modeling and visualization preparation, creation of parts and products, object digitization, custom printing

Blasting surfaces

sandblasting (blasting) metal surfaces with an abrasive, cleaning surfaces for further treatment

Renolak s.r.o. – renovation of surfaces

The Czech company Renolak s.r.o., which is based in Rapotín and Šumperk, offers comprehensive experience in the field of interior modernization for railway rolling stock. We have completed hundreds of orders for rolling stock. Our focus is the renovation of windows, entrance doors, revitalization of interiors, modernization of social facilities and production and renovation of components.

We hold a supplier eligibility certificate for České dráhy a.s.

  • Modernization of social facilities
  • Revitalization of interiors
  • Renovation of window frames
  • Door renovation
  • Surface treatments – painting
  • Metalwork, locksmith work
  • 3D printing
  • Blasting surfaces
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

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